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ScinSpell is a spell checker designed specifically for the ScintillaNet text editing component. While the program is not yet complete, I felt it was far enough along to release for evaluation by others. I've tested it with both a plain vanilla ScintillaNet control and a class derived from ScintillaNet. It worked well with both. It's being developed with the DotNet Framework 3.5 / MS Visual Basic 2008 Express.

This release lacks "check as you type" functionality, and on occasion still makes a questionable spelling suggestion. For the most part however, ScinSpell makes credible suggestions. It includes the basic feature set necessary for any spell checker and works as fast most commercial spell checkers..

A later version will include more dictionaries (only US English at present), "check as you type" functionality, and if I can get it done, a thesaurus. Feel free to create your own dictionaries and add / improve features, but please share with others if you do. A detailed description of how the dictionaries need to be formatted is included in the documentation (ScinSpell_Docs.pdf).

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